AKARALI and YNF Australia Partnership Promotes the use of Natural Supplements in the World of Natural Bodybuilding

AKARALI and YNF Australia Partnership Promotes the use of Natural Supplements in the World of Natural Bodybuilding

5th October, Perth – AKARALI, a leading provider of natural supplements, and Your Natural Federation (YNF) Australia, a prominent natural bodybuilding event organizer, are thrilled to announce their strategic collaboration aimed at promoting the responsible use of natural supplements among bodybuilders, athletes, and sports enthusiasts.

In an era where performance and health-conscious individuals are increasingly seeking safe and effective ways to enhance their physical capabilities, this collaboration marks a significant step toward fostering a holistic approach to sports nutrition.

“YNF is proud to have AKARALI to promote clinically proven Tongkat Ali supplement that works well for natural bodybuilders in Australia” said Andric, the co-founder of YNF.

AKARALI is a world leader in clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia and its MIT-formulated standardized hot water extract is known amongst bodybuilders and athletes for its potential benefits in enhancing stamina, muscle growth, and overall well-being.

As advocates of clean, natural, and sustainable health solutions, AKARALI is committed to providing high-quality single-origin Tongkat Ali supplements that adhere to the highest dietary supplement standards in Australia.

YNF Australia, on the other hand, has made a name for itself by organizing natural bodybuilding competitions that celebrate the power of the human body without the use of artificial enhancements. YNF's commitment to promoting a drug-free and natural approach to bodybuilding aligns perfectly with AKARALI's mission to encourage athletes and bodybuilders to consider natural supplements as a viable and safe option.

“This collaboration aims to educate athletes and bodybuilders about the potential benefits of natural supplements like Tongkat Ali, which can complement their rigorous training regimens” said Ida Siddiq, CEO of AKARALI Australia.

By providing credible information and resources, AKARALI and YNF Australia seek to empower individuals to make informed choices when it comes to their nutrition and supplement intake.

AKARALI and YNF Australia partnership will include joint educational content, distribution and channel integration via its subsidiary in Australia, research and development with professional athletes by working closely with health coaches globally.

To meet the highest demand from professional athletes, AKARALI stands out as the best Tongkat Ali supplements in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth due to its patented MIT-formulated standardized hot water extract.

AKARALI and YNF Australia will enhance its research initiatives to further explore the potential advantages of natural supplements in enhancing athletic performance beyond weight training and bodybuilding.

“We have seen record growth as more Australians prefer buying clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements” added Ida, who leads AKARALI in Australia.

AKARALI’s position as the top Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia brings new possibilities through YNF’s natural bodybuilding and sports communities. By combining AKARALI's commitment to quality and sustainability with YNF Australia's dedication to natural bodybuilding, this collaboration promises to be a game-changer for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking natural solutions to enhance their performance.

Starting 11 October 2023, YNF is offering 10% discount for its members who seek to buy AKARALI Tongkat Ali in Australia using discount code: YNF10 (ends 15 October 2023, 11:59PM)

For further information about AKARALI and YNF Australia or to inquire about their collaborative efforts, please visit akarali.com.au and ynf.com.au

Media Contacts:
Andric Liew
Co-Founder Your Natural Federation (YNF)

AKARALI is a leading provider of clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements for sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes. AKARALI MIT-formulated standardized hot water extract technology known for its potential benefits in enhancing stamina, muscle growth, fat burn and overall well-being. AKARALI is committed to promoting a natural and sustainable approach to health and fitness community in Australia via its Australian subsidiary (akarali.com.au)

About YNF:
Your Natural Federation (YNF) Australia is a prominent organizer of natural bodybuilding events and competitions. YNF is dedicated to promoting drug-free and natural bodybuilding, fostering a community of athletes committed to achieving their best through clean and natural means.

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