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Herbs as dietary supplements can bring many benefits such as strengthening your immune system, boosting testosterone, respiratory, circulatory and other systems, improve digestion, help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, zap a cold, improve your mood, and many others. Some of these claims can and are medically and scientifically proven although the impact on health and effectiveness may vary from one person to another depending on age, diet, health condition and lifestyle. While most herbs such as Tongkat Ali are most effective after prolonged use, and can do little to rapidly reverse the effects of years of smoking, poor diet, or other factors.

Herbs taken for health purposes should be treated with the same care as medicine. You should know what the herb does, any negative side effects, if you take any medications or have any conditions that preclude taking the herb, and how much you should take. Herbal remedies are no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are serious about good health, you’ll want to combine diet, exercise, herbals, a good relationship with your doctor and a generally healthy lifestyle.

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