About Us

AKARALI™ unveils ancient wellness secrets from the heart of Australia, presenting clinically tested Tongkat Ali refined over decades of research using world renowned US-patented Physta® extract. AKARALI Australia brings you the best formulated Tongkat Ali from our root-to-door approach with handpicked mature roots from Malaysia by our Australian team of experts. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Tongkat Ali from Earth's most pristine locations, trusting AKARALI™ for your well-being. Your journey to vitality starts here, because you deserve the absolute best.

“Tongkat Ali root” in Malay

AKARALI (means “Tongkat Ali root” in Malay) is a homage to the journey made by the indigenous Malays in the early 1600s during the herbal trade between the Gujaratis and the British.

AKARALI experience is meant to be an odyssey, traversing the mystical rainforests of Malaysia, deep-rooted with centuries of herbal traditions and natural wellness.

Centuries of Heritage

Tongkat Ali is quintessentially Malaysian, used as a medicinal herb and dietary supplement to revitalise health for centuries. Through traditions, beliefs, and folklore, this ancient herb is gaining mainstream adoption due to its wide range of scientifically proven health benefits.

AKARALI is Malaysia’s best Tongkat Ali with world-class US-patented extraction technology that is jointly formulated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) together with other collaborative research efforts by scientists, nutritionists and medical experts around the world.

Experience the best Tongkat Ali from Malaysia with AKARALI.

From Root To Door, Adulterant Free & Sustainable

Our Tongkat Ali plant grows in the wild rainforests and is managed by the indigenous tribe in Malaysia. Our sustainable development ensures each Tongkat Ali plant is harvested by hand without damage to the natural environment.

All AKARALI products are free from sexual enhancement adulterants such as Viagra, slidenafil, tadanafil and others.

Lab-tested by global third-party accredited bodies such as Eurofins.

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World Class Manufacturing

Handpicked. Hot Water Extract. Freeze-Dried.

AKARALI™ products are manufactured in a world-class manufacturing facility with dedicated in-house research laboratory with rigorous quality controls, tests and years of extensive research.

The largest herbal extraction facility in Malaysia is USFDA-inspected with stringent quality controls backed by various quality standards and accreditations.

We deploy a six-stage process that delivers the finest quality standardised extract that exceeds the global industry benchmarks.

AKARALI Physta® is the world’s first patented freeze-dried water-soluble extraction technology that was jointly developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

(US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491).

Every batch of product is produced in compliance with ISO and GMP standards.