Does Tongkat Ali Work? A Comprehensive Guide on Reviews and Quality Markers for Australian Consumers

Does Tongkat Ali Work? A Comprehensive Guide on Reviews and Quality Markers for Australian Consumers


Tongkat Ali (Malaysian Ginseng), colloquially known as Akar Ali in Malay, is an herbal medicinal plant primarily found and native to regions such as Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, and Indonesia. Traditionally used as a remedy to enhance male vigor and as a cure-all for anything from general fever to malaria, it has a rich history dating back centuries. Modern extracts of this root are very well studied, backed by more 300 scientific studies and over 26 human clinical trials.

These studies underscore that Tongkat Ali boasts numerous health benefits, including improving sexual health, boosting testosterone production, enhancing immunity, reducing stress, and more. Despite its popularity in neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Tongkat Ali remains relatively unknown among Australians.

In this article, we’ll delve into Australian experiences of this herbal supplement through various consumer reviews, including short written reviews and detailed video blogs, as well as provide insights into what makes a high quality Tongkat Ali supplement.


Consumer feedback play a crucial role in decision-making processes in today's digital world. Positive testimonials can provide valuable firsthand accounts of a supplement’s benefits, instilling confidence in potential customers and contributing to the credibility of the herb. However, such reviews also come with their own challenges, including the authenticity of feedback and the risk of fake or biased reviews. Negative feedback, if genuine, can also offer valuable insights for improvement, but unfounded negativity can unnecessarily harm reputations, credibility, and create confusion among consumers.

In navigating the landscape of Tongkat Ali reviews, it's essential to approach them with a critical eye. By considering a diverse range of opinions and verifying their authenticity, Australian consumers can make better informed decisions about the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali.

Here are some reviews that we collected online from Australians for various Tongkat Ali brands:

Short reviews





A recurring theme emerges: unrealistic expectations and impatience regarding immediate results. This notion warrants further exploration as it sheds light on a fundamental aspect of supplement usage - consistency and duration.|

Many individuals anticipate a startling overnight transformation upon incorporating supplements like Tongkat Ali into their regimen. However, the reality is that most supplements require consistent and prolonged use to yield noticeable and significant benefits. This disparity between expectations and reality can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration, and negative reviews.

Supplements like Tongkat Ali work differently for everyone, but most often through gradual improvement rather than instant results. In fact, Tongkat Ali's effects may take weeks to fully realize in some. Therefore, those seeking quick fixes may be disappointed when results don't materialize as immediately as anticipated.

To address this issue, consumers should approach Tongkat Ali supplementation with realistic expectations. Understanding that supplements like Tongkat Ali are intended for long-term daily use can help manage expectations and foster patience. Consistency is key; adhering to a regular supplementation routine over an extended period allows the body to adapt and reap the full benefits of the dietary supplement. Healthy practices like regular exercise and a balanced diet can help expedite this process.

Consumers should also take into account factors like dosage, age, BMI, general health, and quality of the supplement, which may influence the timeline and magnitude of results. With this in mind, consumers are recommended to do their research to find the Tongkat Ali supplement that is best suited for their lifestyle and one that is of the highest quality. Some quality markers to look out for are whether it is properly standardized and potent, correctly dosed, clinically tested, as well as single origin.

Detailed Reviews:

While short written feedback can provide some insight, consumers may feel more at ease after consulting more detailed reviews. These can be found commonly in the form of detailed video blogs, which can involve complex bloodwork results to validate or test the efficacy of supplements like Tongkat Ali. These can be very useful for consumers interested in the nitty gritty details, but as with all personal reviews, conflicting perspectives are common, leaving consumers perplexed about whom to trust.

In this analysis, we will dissect two contrasting viewpoints presented by YouTubers Ramey Darwish and Dr. Brad Stanfield to understand the implications for consumers.

Ramey Darwish's Experience:

YouTuber Ramey Darwish embarks on a 30-day journey to test the purported benefits of Tongkat Ali on testosterone levels. His firsthand account reveals a significant increase in both total testosterone (147 points) and free testosterone (30 points). This positive outcome lends credibility to Tongkat Ali's effectiveness, as observed through personal experimentation and concrete evidence in the form of detailed blood work.

Dr. Brad Stanfield's Perspective:

In contrast, YouTuber Dr. Brad Stanfield adopts a skeptical stance, citing weak clinical trials and research on Tongkat Ali's efficacy. Instead, he advocates for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a more reliable solution. However, upon digging deeper, it's revealed that Dr. Stanfield sells his own supplements, raising questions about potential bias and vested interests in discrediting Tongkat Ali.

The dichotomy between Ramey Darwish's detailed experiential testimonial and Dr. Brad Stanfield's critique underscores the complexity of navigating Tongkat Ali reviews. On one hand, consumers are presented with tangible results and evidence supporting its efficacy. On the other hand, they encounter skepticism fueled by potential conflicts of interest and commercial motives.

Consumers faced with conflicting viewpoints should exercise critical thinking and discernment. While Ramey Darwish's personal experience offers a compelling narrative, it's essential to consider his individual circumstances, health, lifestyle, and more. Conversely, it is also important to check whether there is any possible incentive for bias, particularly in light of Dr. Brad Stanfield's vested interests. Seeking corroborating evidence from reputable sources and consulting healthcare professionals can aid in making informed decisions about Tongkat Ali supplementation.

What Makes a Good Tongkat Ali Supplement?

While reviews, both short and detailed, can provide great insight into Tongkat Ali’s overall efficacy, a major reason Tongkat Ali may not work for some could lie in the overall quality of the supplement in question. Generic extracts which are improperly standardized, bulked out with fillers, not clinically tested, or made with the whole plant instead of just the roots may offer inconsistent results and benefits. To this day, the gold-standard for Tongkat Ali comes from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia. As one of the few countries the Tongkat Ali plant thrives in, it is not only one of the best sources of raw ingredients, but is one the only countries in the world to invest heavily in Tongkat Ali research and development.

The advent of clinically tested and patented standardized hot-water extract is a marriage of traditional wisdom and scientific rigor. Developed between the Malaysian Government and MIT, it is the only extract in the world that has been extensively clinically tested on humans to verify benefits such as boosting total and free testosterone, sports performance, human immunity, as well as for improving mood and reducing stress. Originally conceived for further pharmaceutical research into Tongkat Ali’s many potential benefits, it is also the basis of one of the world’s best international consumer brands of Tongkat Ali supplements – AKARALI.

What Makes AKARALI Different?

Lab-Tested Raw Ingredients:

AKARALI ensures that only the highest quality raw ingredients are used by lab-testing all harvested roots for maturity and potency. Each harvest consists of only the most potent roots, vetted by a genetic fingerprinting tool developed in partnership with MIT.

Single-Sourced Hand-Picked Mature Roots:

AKARALI sources exclusively from Malaysia, hand-picking only the most mature and potent roots directly from the heart of the rainforest. This ensures purity, potency, and safety. Working closely with the local indigenous population, AKARALI relies on their expertise to pick the best roots and implements sustainable replanting measures to maintain a healthy population of Tongkat Ali plants.

Clinically Tested Standardized Hot-Water Extract:

AKARALI uses a patented and standardized hot-water extraction method, developed in collaboration with MIT scientists and the Malaysian government. This method ensures consistency, potency, and safety, delivering higher efficacy compared to other generic extracts. Standardized hot-water root extract has also been extensively tested on humans, with over 300 research studies and 26 clinical trials, making it the most consistently potent formulation.

Used by Sports Professionals & Health Coaches:

AKARALI is trusted by a diverse group of semi and professional athletes, health coaches, and functional health experts. Its effectiveness has been rigorously tested in real-world settings by athletes like bodybuilders who are engaged in performance-driven activities. Endorsements from health coaches like UK-based AJ Brookes and Institute of Health (IOH) founder Jake Carter validate its efficacy as a daily supplement.

World Class Manufacturing Standards and Research:

AKARALI works closely with globally reputable organizations like Eurofins and Biotropics Malaysia to ensure top quality and the highest safety standards. Eurofins provides consumer third-party lab testing and GMP certification, while Biotropics Malaysia, with a USFDA-approved facility, specializes in the development and production of natural health and herbal products. Collaboration with esteemed medical professionals, nutrition experts, and researchers further contributes to ongoing research and development, ensuring continuous development and scientific validation of AKARALI’s Tongkat Ali supplements. 

Parting Thoughts

It is no surprise that discerning Australian consumers seek out products that offer both efficacy and reliability, especially with herbal supplements. With the growing popularity of Tongkat Ali worldwide and dozens of brands vying for attention on the market, it's essential to separate the duds from the gems. Reviews may provide some valuable insights into Tongkat Ali generally and can help with picking out an ideal brand, but relying on these alone is no guarantee. 

Instead, we urge Australian consumers to look at both anecdotal reviews as well as key quality markers for a good Tongkat Ali supplement. These include whether it is clinically and lab tested, single sourced from a reputable country where it is natively grown like Malaysia, how it is harvested, as well as manufacturing standards and research.

Most of all, the best advice for those who are interested in Tongkat Ali is to understand that such herbal supplements are not a miracle drug that will work instantaneously. The best results come with patience, consistency, and by complementing such supplements with healthy practices like regular exercise and a balanced diet.

If you are interested in experiencing the clinically tested benefits of single-origin standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali extract, try our dose-optimized capsules, available anywhere in Australia.

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