Premium Tongkat Ali Production Process – An Essential Guide for Australian Consumers

Premium Tongkat Ali Production Process – An Essential Guide for Australian Consumers

Looking for the best Tongkat Ali in Australia? Dive into our comprehensive guide on Tongkat Ali production, covering everything from cultivation and harvesting to manufacturing and packaging. We’ve also included resources to help you spot premium quality and ensure you're getting the right product for you and your health!


With so many brands of Tongkat Ali available on the market in Australia today, finding the right one can be more than a bit challenging. At AKARALI, we've already curated a selection of top-quality Tongkat Ali brands to help you make informed choices. But how can you ensure quality throughout the production process? What tests guarantee the safety of herbal products? And what factors should you look for? Our “root-to-door” process involves rigorous quality checks at every stage, from planting and harvesting to extraction, packaging, and delivery.

This article will serve as a detailed guide as to what exactly goes into a premium Tongkat Ali supplement and what it takes to get it made.


The quality of Tongkat Ali starts with its origin – where it is grown. The soil quality, rain levels, and biodiversity in that area all directly impacts the concentration of bioactive compounds in Tongkat Ali. Moreover, the right growing location is essential for minimizing potential contamination from pollutants.

Where is the best Tongkat Ali grown?

The optimal location for harvesting potent Tongkat Ali is deep within the tropical rainforests of remote areas like Pahang or Borneo in Malaysia, known for some of the oldest and most untouched rainforests globally. The country’s rich natural ecosystem and high levels of biodiversity provides the ideal conditions for cultivating premium Tongkat Ali plants. With a long history of use as a traditional medicine, premium Tongkat Ali grown in Malaysia is also hand-picked in partnership with indigenous experts who are experienced with finding and nurturing the best plants. This, along with sustainable practices like replanting and lack of industrial agriculture, ensures that not only the best plants are grown, but that they can be maintained for the long-term.

During the harvesting process, several quality checkpoints ensure the quality of Tongkat Ali:

Harvesting: handpicked from deep in remote tropical rainforests, far away from contaminants or human interference
Timing: Harvesting occurs after 5 - 7 years to ensure optimal maturity
Storage: Roots are stored in dry, humidity-free spaces at collection centers to prevent fungal contamination
Testing: Chromatography tests are used verify that bioactive compounds surpass minimum thresholds, ensuring potency

To ensure the highest quality Tongkat Ali extract, the following steps are essential:

  1. Sourcing: Handpick only roots from deep rainforests, as they contain the best bio-active compounds
  2. Extraction: Extract solely from handpicked roots to maximize the concentration of key bioactive compounds like eurycomanone
  3. Potency: The best extraction methods yield up to 3% eurycomanone, surpassing generics

    Note: eurycomanone levels of 1 – 3% are the average range for all normally made Tongkat Ali extracts, anything higher, e.g. “10% eurycomanone”, is likely made with the addition of untested enriched quassinoid adulterants to pump up the on-paper potency of extracts

Why the roots?

Tongkat Ali roots have the highest concentration of eurycomanone, eurypeptides, gycosaponins, and polysaccharides - essential bioactive compounds known for various health benefits, including enhancing free testosterone levels, boosting immunity, libido, and reducing stress, and more. The best Tongkat Ali brands often market their products as made with "Tongkat Ali roots," emphasizing the importance of sourcing from this part of the plant.

For more information on the scientific facts about testosterone, click here. Additionally, you can find a list of top Tongkat Ali brands and price comparisons here.

The right herbal extraction methods are essential for maximizing the health benefits of Tongkat Ali supplements. Manufacturers typically employ two primary extraction methods: hot water-extract and ethanol-based extract. Of these, the hot water-extract method is favored for its ability to preserve active compounds without the use of solvents or chemicals. This approach is not only effective but also more sustainable, as it minimizes resource usage and waste production compared to other extraction methods. It is worth noting that most generic extracts utilize ethanol-based extraction, as it is by far the more cost-effective option.

The freeze-drying process is another essential step for concentrating the potency of Tongkat Ali products. By removing excess moisture, this method concentrates the potency of Tongkat Ali, ideal for encapsulation. Nutraceutical companies utilize specialized freeze-drying machines to execute this process effectively, ensuring the preservation of essential nutrients and maximizing the benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Learn more about the freeze-drying process to understand its significance in producing high-quality Tongkat Ali supplements.

Leading Tongkat Ali brands like AKARALI incorporate patented standardized hot-water extraction technology, a groundbreaking innovation developed through a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Government of Malaysia (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491).

This advanced extraction method guarantees the best minimum levels of quality and potency of Tongkat Ali products, while upholding rigorous safety standards. Used primarily as a high-grade extract for pharmaceutical research on Tongkat Ali, this medical-grade extract is also ideal for consumers to experience the premium quality and efficacy of Tongkat Ali supplements, backed by a robust body of clinical research and development.


In the final stage, the pure Tongkat Ali powder extract is carefully encapsulated, ensuring quality and consistency in every dose-optimized capsule. At AKARALI, we uphold rigorous standards to deliver the purest and most potent Tongkat Ali extract.

Our bottling process adheres to the highest quality standards, including Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Halal, Kosher, and vegan-friendly certification. Manufactured in partnership with Biotropics, a government-owned company in Malaysia, our products meet the strictest quality criteria.

As Tongkat Ali extracts are fairly hydrophilic, to maintain freshness and potency, we recommend storing Tongkat Ali products in dry spaces, with temperatures below 30°C and minimal exposure to sunlight. Check the expiry date, typically lasting up to 36 months from the production date, for best results.

Parting Words

Maintaining the quality of Tongkat Ali extracts is a complex endeavor and can only be ensured by controlling every aspect of the production process. Any company can import generic, ready-made extracts to turn into capsules, but very few can say they handle every part of this essential process, from cultivation the best plants to medical-grade extraction and high-quality encapsulation.

}}Invest in your long-term health with AKARALI, the only brand that engages in this end-to-end “root-to-door” process. Stringent quality controls ensure excellence at every stage of production, guaranteeing you the highest standard of purity and potency. With advanced extraction technology and best practices in place, AKARALI unlocks the true natural benefits of Tongkat Ali for Australians, backed by a robust body of clinical and pre-clinical research.

Check out this video to learn more about Tongkat Ali benefits here:

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of our “root-to-door” process, try our dose-optimized capsules, available anywhere in Australia.

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